Pebbles Smart Watch

I was watching The Pebbles Smart Watch during it’s very successful crowd funding complain  but was reluctant  to purchase due to the higher shipping costs for people in Canada and I wanted to wait for the other smart watches to be launched like Sony and Google.


Since I waited I am lucky to use the Pebble with their new App store app and SDK version 2.0.


So easy it almost does it by it’s self.  Just load the app and and turn on the Pebble and click OK when asked.

Adding new watch faces and apps is super easy using the App.  Just click on any watch or app and it load it on the Pebble.  Very smooth process.  You can only load 8 apps or watch faces but the app stores your favourite in a locker so you can quickly reload them.


The Pebble will show notifications for email, text messages, calendar events and phone calls.  Just about anything you need.  There is no setup to see the notifications.

The only issues is a known bug where email message may show up twice or more or in the wrong order and get a “Loading …” message for the remaining part of the email message.  You receive a few characters of the email and then it loads more text but sometime you get the “Loading …” .  It’s not a big deal but just an annoyance.



The Pebble comes with several built in watch faces and an ever expanding list of free download watch faces on thier app store. It is very easy to add a new watch, just select the one you like and click ADD.  You can only add 8 watch faces or apps.  But its so easy to switch them in and out that it is not a problem.


Like the watch faces their is a every expanding list of new apps.  Stocks, weather, exercise etc.  Many of the newer watch faces also have some of their features too so it may be hard to decide your favourite.

Pebble Design

The Pebble seems to be the right comprise.  It has a battery life of 3 or 4 days.  The screen is easily seen in bright daylight.  It’s not a hires color watch that you can view pictures or movies but what it does it does well.  It coveres all the basics that you need in a watch including being water proof.

Five Stars