Me relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

I retired from Environment Canada after 33 years as Manager of Software Development and Special projects. What is special projects?  When my director had an idea he would ask me to “create it”.  This was a lot of fun since I got to work outside the “box” a lot.

My last few years at Environment Canada I worked as the Regional Client Relationship Manager and embasador to the CIO in Atlantic.  A very different job then my “hacker roots” of software development but very interesting and very high level.   Unfortunately within the government framework it is VERY difficult to get anything done no matter what level.

When I retired I started  NorthEastWebs.com, a small web hosting a design business.  This is great since I can do things not possible within the government like creating a new site in less than 12 hours for a client (hulltransport.ca) when they waited four months for someone else to do it.

Other interests include:

Travel, computers,  taking pictures, art and making sculptures.

IMG_0354Dominican RepublicIMG_3429


… for gadgets and Travel

… for photographs and Art

+Ben Hunter


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