Disney Polynesian Resort, Orlando


Disney Polynesian Resort, Orlando is a great resort if you can afford it.  It’s located just across the Seven Seas Lagoon.  You can take the Mono Rail or boat to the Magic Kingdom or even walk to the main entrance where you can take the Mono Rail to the Epcot Park.

It’s great to take a small boat back to your resort after the last night fireworks and not have to wait or use a bus.  You can even watch the fireworks from the Polynesian beach.

This is a nice resort all by it’s self.  There is a great pool with water slide and water fall.  A Polynesian luau, a great show and good food.  The food is good.  You can pick  what you want.  Usually you only eat breakfast at the resort since you will be in a park all day.  You can also attend for $, a Disney breakfast with Disney characters.  The kids love it and the food is good too.

The rooms are OK, nothing great but your not paying for the room but the location. It’s funny to look out and see a mono rail going by your window.

Five Stars


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