Coenzyme Q10 for high blood pressure

I have high blood pressure and was looking at alternatives to help reduce my blood pressure.  Browsing the web I found two interesting ways to reduce high blood pressure, dark chocolate and Q10.


Q10 from Costco (I take one a day)

Dark chocolate over 70% has been known to reduce your blood pressure so if you like chocolate this is a great way to justify eating more.

Coenzyme or Q10 is a vitamin like substance that reduces blood pressure among other benefits.  I thought I would give it a try and bought a bottle or the 102mg.  After only a week my blood pressure dropped back to normal.  It was running over 150/100 but dropped very fast back into a normal range.  After a year of taking it I visited the doctor for a routine checkup and my blood pressure was 120/80.

blood pressure

My blood pressure charted when I started Q10

For high blood pressure: 120-200 mg per day divided into 2 doses.


You should be careful taking Coenzyme or Q10.  My wife took it when her blood pressure spiked for an unknown reason and I suggest she take Coenzyme or Q10.  Her blood pressure dropped within hours so low that she fainted.

You should track your blood pressure with a monitor to make sure it does not go too low.

Everyone reacts to things differently.  You need to know how your body reacts and closely monitor what if any the reactions.

Doctors usually don’t like any remedies that it not a prescribed drug so don’t expect any strong endorsement from your doctor.

There is also a list of other benefits and very few side effects.

You can read more about Q10 at Web MD.  Click here or type in the following link:


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