Best Resort to stay in Disney World

I have been to Disney World in Florida many times with our daughters and now with our grandson and thought I would put together a list of what I know.


There are now many areas to stay within Disney World to meet every price range depending on how much you want to pay.   I have two thoughts on visiting Disney World.  One is book the best resort to save time and enjoy your visit.  The other option is to save money while still enjoying the parks.

In the beginning Disney had all their resorts around Seven Seas Lagoon.  This made it easy to get to the park via boat, Mono rail or walking.  Now Disney is competing with lower cost hotels that have built up around the Disney property.

Save money option:

While there are hotels are technically within Disney they are very far from the parks and can only get to the park via a smelly diesel bus.  So I don’t see the advantage of paying a premium price on a hotel with no extras like free breakfast and free wifi if you still need to take a bus.  All the hotel outside the park also bus you to the park for free but also offer extras like free breakfast and wifi.  So my advice for the “save money option” would be to stay outside the Disney property.

What’s the problem with buses?

The line ups for buses are getting longer and longer.  The worst time is after the fireworks when you may need to wait for 3 or 4 buses before you can get on due to the large crowds. Also after a long hot day at the park the last thing you want to do be be squeezed on a overloaded bus next to a lot of other sweaty people with standing room only.

Best resort option:

Once I get into the park I don’t want to drive and I don’t like taking buses.  If I wanted to take a bus I would stay outside the Disney property and save $1000’s of dollars.  The last time I went to Disney I made the mistake of staying in the Epcot area.  I din’t know at the time that Epcot does not open till 11Am, so you end up taking a bus to the Disney park till it opens.  So there is no advantage staying near Epcot or Downtown Disney or other areas that make you take a bus.

The best resorts to stay at are located around the Seven Seas Lagoon.  This way you can take a boat, mono rail or walk to the park.  There is a big advantage after the fireworks to walk back to your resort or take the small private boat to your resort while people are waiting for houses for the next bus to take them back to their hotel.  It’s even better if you have a few small tired children that just want to go to bed.  These hotels include:

  • Disney’s Polynesian Resort (you can take a boat to the Disney Park)
  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort (you can take a boat to the Disney Park)
  • Contemporary Resort (you can walk to the Disney Park) There is now two hotels at this location.

Another great choice is the Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort.  It it located very close to Disney World park and has a boat to take you to and from the park.

All the other resorts require you to take a smelly diesel bus.  If I am going to spend extra money to stay in a Disney resort I don’t want to take a bus.  If I have to take a bus why not stay outside the park and stay for 1/2 the price?

Bottom Line:

I think disney needs to spend some of the billions and billions of profit and make Disney a magical place again and build more mono rails (even Las Vegas has a mono rail between hotels) or boat routes.

Thirty five years ago when I visited Disney World they kept saying land of innovation and showing of Epcot.  Which means Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.  It was to show off how a community of the future should be built and how to transport people around this community. I don’t think Mr. Disney visioned the future using diesel buses. At least they should be electric buses like some of the new innovation ones in China and Europe.

And what ever happened to the “People Mover”? Originally the attraction was a prototype for intra-city public transportation.


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