Apple Stores vs Microsoft Stores

While in London and Toronto I stopped into the new Microsoft stores to see how they compared with the Apple stores.

I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Microsoft "Popup Store" Eaton Centre Toronto

Microsoft “Popup Store” Eaton Centre Toronto

It’s a good thing they have three staff so they have someone to talk to. I took this picture July 17, 2013.  The Apple store was elbow to elbow.

Apple store Eaton Centre Toronto

Apple store Eaton Centre Toronto

The Microsoft stores are bare while the Apple stores are filled.

We also visited the Eaton Centre with even funnier results.  Microsoft “popup store”  had three staff and one customer while the Apple store was packed full.  I like the fact that Apple has about 25  staff on hand too.

I went in the apple store to peek around. I was asked three times by staff if I needed any help  before I reached the back of the store.

Apple and Microsoft have opposite marketing methods.  Microsoft targets business via their partners, HP, Dell and others to convince large companies and government to  standardize on their product. They really don’t care about the one of sales and making one person happy as long as the company executives are happy.  Usually with a few perks like trips to Las Vegas.

Apple on the other hand is happy to make one person happy and target the sale to the individual and ensure they have a great user experience.  They win sales one at a time and usually these people are here to stay.

This is why Apple store make sense and work.  Microsoft is not sure who they are targeting.  You cant go into a Microsoft store to get service for your Dell or HP.  They will not help you setup equipment on someone else’s hardware so who are they servicing?

I don’t think Microsoft can compete with Apple on service till they produce their own hardware like the surface but they have about ten years of catching up to do.


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