Voyage-Air Mini Dreadnought Guitar VAMD-02

I wanted to get my wife a portable guitar when we went away on trips and found the Voyage-Air guitars that fold up into a special backpack. Since she is small I decided to purchase the smaller Mini Dreadnought Guitar VAMD-02 which is slightly smaller (15/16 size) body size.

We live in Canada and it is very difficult to find outlets that actually have stock.  I found several people that sell these guitars on eBay but once I started looking I found a great online company called

Transit Series VAMD-02b

After reading a review of someone that returned a guitar with no questions asked because he didn’t need it I decided this  was the place to oder it.  They have a great website and easy to find what you want and order it.  They process the order fast too. I received an email within an hour that the guitar was shipped and received it a few days later.

I highly recommend!

We tested the guitar and backpack on our trip to Toronto.  Our flight was with Air Canada and had no issues checking in or fitting it in the overhead compartment.  The backpack is larger than a normal backpack and about the same size as a large carry on bag but is very light.

The guitar worked great! Everyone loved it and said it sounded great.  We added a sound pickup so we could plug it into an amp.

If your traveling and want to take your guitar with you this is the one you need.  They are very reasonable priced and make a great sounding guitar too.

Made from the toughest engineered tonewoods, this guitar is rugged and durable, yet gives up nothing to the legendary Dreadnought sound.


This guitar includes the new Transit Bag carry case that has a zippered pocket for a laptop computer, music books, and your other musical needs. Slim, lightweight, rugged and affordable, this is a take-anywhere guitar that will please beginners to experts.

Five Stars


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