Microsoft Surface failed, now dropping prices to dump stock

This is the beginning of the end for the Microsoft Surface.  First they dump stock to schools (at $199) and now discounting them $150 to get rid of stock. Just what I want to buy is something that is dumped and not know if I will ever get support or apps.

Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT

This should go over great with people who fell for all the Microsoft hype and purchase a surface.  There are so many things wrong with this device it is hard to know where to begin. All they ever show off is that it has a keyboard (extra cost) iPad has many more keyboards to choose from and even solar powered keyboards.

I can still sell my old iPad 1 for almost what I paid for it but surface that is only a few months old is already worth $150 less then it did then.

The big problem is Microsoft and many of there followers don’t understand the concept of a tablet and are trying to reproduce the Toshiba Portege M200 tablet PC. This laptop tablet ran  Windows XP Tablet PC Edition that was released in 2002. This was a good product, not a great product but they did not improve it year over year like Apple does with its products including iPad.

While this was a interesting idea it’s not  competitor for an iPad. Microsoft lacks clear direction and confuses customers and they are not in it for the long hull.  They are trying to target the iPad and MacAir with the same device witch shows they still don’t understand the iPad as a device.

The iPad is not meant to replace your laptop but to compliment it. It’s great for people who only need to do a few things like:

  • read mail
  • browse the web
  • book a hotel online
  • create a comic book
  • do your business invoices

  • create project plains in Pages
  • do a powerpoint presentation in Keynote
  • update your business spreadsheet in Numbers
  • watch Netflix
  • play sim city
  • fly the shuttle
  • download new games
  • create a song on garage band
  • fly any airplane or helicopter
  • dictate a letter using the voice to text feature
  • use google earth to explore
  • fly a remote control plane simulator
  • use it as a remote for a car, boat, drone etc
  • use the many star finder apps that with show you what you are looking when you point your iPad to the sky
  • create a picture book and have it printed
  • send “real paper” postcards or birthday cards to friends (that are mailed to them)
  • create a website using the website creator apps
  • take a free course from thousands of free university and collage course ware
  • Read a book
  • write a book
  • record a song

I have about 50,000 more lines to type but you get the idea


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