Embassy Suites Niagara Falls

The pictures of the views from the room on their website look to good to be true but they are even better in real life. At first I thought they were retouched pictures but when we arrived in our room it was a breath taking view of both falls.

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls – View

You book this hotel for one reason, the view of the falls and it delivers with flying colours.

This is a big hotel with 42 floor so you can expect a lot of people checking in and lining up for breakfast etc.  It reminds me of a hotel in Disney World. They have lots of staff to make sure it all go smoothly.  I counted 15 people in the arrival area to park your car.  Since space is at a premium they park your cars off site but it all seems to run smoothly.

Checking was fast but we arrived early so later in the day may be very busy. We dropped off the car, checked in early and walked round the falls till the room was ready.

The hotel is right beside the falls and the cable car to take you to the edge of the falls is right across the street.  Unfortunately  they were rebuilding the cable cars and tacks when we were they.  This will be a completely new system so it will be worth seeing next year.  This does make a long walk around to get down to the boardwalk.

Bonus for the Embassy Suites is a buffet breakfast.  It’s a hot buffet with most everything.  There is an area that will cook anything you want too but there is a line.  This will offset the cost of parking.

The room is a suite with a darker living room area with pull out bed separating the bedroom area with the bathroom with a whirlpool tub. The room also has a small bar fridge and coffee maker.  There is three sinks in the room.  One in the bathroom, one in the hall and a small bar sink over the bar fridge.

At night there are free snacks, pop and juice.  There are baby carrots, chips, pickles,  pretzels and snack mixture.

This is a big hotel with 42 floors so be prepared to wait for elevators.

Bottom line.  Location, views, clean, great free breakfast.

Five Stars

It delivers the view.

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls – Fallsview
6700 Fallsview Boulevard
Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3W6


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