Review: DeLonghi 40 Pint Dehumidifier

I just picked up a new dehumidifier to replace the one in the basement.  Since the basement is under grade or below the sewer line I had to remove the water bucket every day.  When you forget it turns off so it’s not working unless you do.  Since I keep forgetting I had the dehumidifier drain into a 5 gallon bucket and put a sump pump in the bucket connected to a garden hose.  This 100 foot hose rain all the way to the other side of the basement.

When I was looking for a replacement dehumidifier I found one that made it super easy to automatically drain the water tank.  The DeLonghi 40 Pint Dehumidifier has a built in water pump that can pump the water up 8 feet using a small 1/4 hose.  This is great since you only need to drill a small hole to run the hose outside.  I should note I run it at high fan speed and I find the nose level is low.

With the water hose connected to the bottom water pump

With the water hose connected to the bottom water pump


Before drilling the hole I tested it by tying the water hose to the ceiling and back to a bucket and waited for an hour to see what happened.  It worked great.  It comes with about 14 feet of hose so there is enough to go most anywhere.

A great humidifier that saves you to work of emptying the water bucket.

  • Daily water removal (U.S. pints) 40 pints; Quantity of moisture based on 27° C (80° F) with 60% relative humidity
  • Room Humid Environment: humid, damp
  • Energy Star qualified; Anti-bacterial protection
  • Water removal option: manual empty bucket, gravity drain
  • Bucketless (pump)
  • Low temperature operation: 5ºC; washable filter
  • Bucket full indicator
  • Operating modes: manual set, continuous operation, automatic
  • 15”W x 11 4/5”D x 24”H

Five Stars


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