New features in iOS7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod

iOS7 is expected this fall.

Here is a list of the new features I can’t wait to try.


  • You can now block specific contacts or numbers (good for spammers that are now sending text or calling your cell phone)
  • When using group messaging a person’s contact picture will appear in a small circle next to their chat bubbles (nice to have)
  • you can now “FaceTime Audio” or “Facetime video” (this is great new option.  I often video call my daughter to save her daytime minutes when she is in a wifi area.  This will make Skype obsolete for me)



  • You will be able to airdrop without a wifi connection using peer to peer connection.  (this is a great new feature, I use Airdrop on my MacAir all the time)


  • You can now undelete a message by shacking to undelete.  (this is a great new feature.  Currently I have to access gmail via the web page and undelete a message deleted by mistake)



  • Fullscreen mode in both portrait and landscape views
  • iCloud Keychain (YES.  I love keychain but hate to keep them updated on all my devices and laptops)
  • Quick links to the “Private” browsing mode
  • New tab view in a scrollable 3D (cool looking)


  • iBeacons is indoor navigation like GPS feature that works indoors in areas that have been setup with beacons.
  • It can be used in a subway or interactive tour of a museum (also can be used for Ad’s)


  • Animations  reflect the current time (dark at nigh, sunny during the daytime)
  • Background is an animation mimicking the current weather conditions


  • bleached white looking (I’m not a fan of this washed out look)



  • Notification Center, which is now accessible from the Lock Screen
  • App icons falling into place seemingly from above the display.
  • Parallax home screen view(this mean the icon look like they are floating over the screen)
  • Zoom animations that are activated when opening an app.
  • Illusion that its icons are floating in mid air.

I find it amusing that they flatten the design by making everything plain but then add all this cool animations.

App Store:

  • Automatically check for an install updates in the background (great.  I usually have 130 outdated apps)
  • New feature called “Near Me,” showing apps that are popular near you. (Not sure why I would like what other people like near me but…)
  • New feature  to add to a Wish List. (this would be better if it notified you when the priced dropped, and you can’t add free ones)
  • Added a new “Kids” category.



  • Siri now has the ability to control settings such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flashlight, airplane mode and even screen brightness
  • A wavelength at the bottom of the display shows Siri listening as you speaks.
  • Able to play new voicemails, return missed calls.
  • Now has male voice
  • Can learn to say names



  • Photos are shown based on the year they were captured (you can zoom out to the full year or into a date)
  • Groups pictures, panoramas and videos into their own separate spaces.
  • New sharing functionality, including AirDrop (Great to be able to Airdrop )

iTunes Radio:

  • Will allow you to create your own radio station with music that you like and purchase the song.

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