Setting up the New Mac Air 2013

Setting up a new Apple computer is one of the simplest task you will ever do.  I usually start fresh and not install everything on my new computer but I had everything installed just they way I wanted so I used the Apple Migration Assistant.


Unpacking the New Mac Air.

I purchase a Thunderbolt cable for $29 to speed up the process.  Without the cable you can still use the Apple Migration Assistant via wifi but takes longer.  I started the Migration Assistant but the time to copy everything was over 3 hours.  I was expecting a little faster.


Transferring files via WiFi

So… while it was coping I check the Apple web site to see if I was doing it correctly. I was not so I cancelled it and started over.  Was was transferring the files via wifi and not the thunderbolt cable. Apple has a very interesting feature.  When your booting you can press T key.  This turns your computer into a hard disk, like a big usb disk.  Then when you run the Migration Assistant you select from disk.

I was expect it to copy everything in 20 minutes.  I was surprised at the new estimate.  Only 4 minutes.  Wow, that thunderbolt connector did pay off.


Transfer via thunderbolt cable

Wow!  Just a few minutes to copy the entire laptop to another laptop.  Once finished I tested a few of the programs with no issues.  A few asked to be reinstalled from the App store. The Migration Assistant will copy from a PC or Mac.

What a painless task setting up a new laptop. I was up and running in less than ten minutes and confident enough to format my old laptop.

This is one of the reason I only use Apple now.  This would have been a weekend task on a Windows computer with dozens of issues and software licences issues and registry problems.

Now to test out the “real” battery life.  See if I can make it 12 hours on one charge.


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