New Mac Air (2013)

Apples new Mac Air.  Is it enough for me to upgrade again?  mmm Yes.  Why?   My current Mac Air was purchased for travel use but now it’s all I use.  With the added 500GB SSD drive (I now have 128GB) and extended battery life will make it even better.


Key features of the new Mac Air

The 11-inch MacBook Air now lasts up to 9 hours between charges and the 13-inch model lasts up to an incredible 12 hours. WOW! The current model lasts most of my day and I use it 12 hours a day. The 13-inch MacBook Air has a 70% increase in battery life and the11-inch MacBook Air has an 80% increase in battery life. I don’t know why but my Mac Air also charges very fast.

Intel HD Graphics 5000 moves ultrafast and help give MacBook Air its extended battery life since they use less power. Up to 40 percent faster graphics than the previous model.

MacBook Air is powered by the all-new fourth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

The new Mac Air comes complete with the latest 802.11ac technology wireless performance up to 3x faster than the previous generation and delivers expanded range

Solid State Disk:
Faster all flash storege that is double the size (256gb standard expandible to 512gb) then the previous Mac Air. Reports show the new SSD drive with almost 800 MB/S reads and writes. To compare this with the $4,695 Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card (96GB ) at 1000 MB/s. Not bad for a ultra light notebook.

Dual Mics:
The dual microphones in MacBook Air are great for when you want to be heard. If you’re making a FaceTime call, for example, the mics reduce background noise from behind the notebook

macair keyboard

The keys light up in dark rooms so you can see the letters.


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