Strip Designer for iPad

Strip designer for iPad is the must have app for anyone who want to create their own comic or just have fun with your photo’s.

It’s drag and drop easy and very responsive. At $2.99 it’s a steal.  It has more features then I want to list but what I really like it that you can make a 10 or 20 page comic and export the entire comic to a PDF in one file.  You can also export to images.

Yu can make your comic pages look old and adjust the frames.  There is more then enough text bubbles and other images to drop on your comic.

It’s one of the must have apps for the iPad.


Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 10.51.29 AMFeatures:
• More than a 100 strip templates with 1 to 9 photo cells
• Create your own layouts with up-to 12 photo cells
• 12 different balloon types
• Warped text
• Change ballon size, rotation, color, and transparency
• Use any iOS font or install additional fonts
• Color gradients
• More than 150 stickers to insert for additional impact
• Dropbox photo, fonts, and document download/upload support
• Publish on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter
• Direct Facebook photo download
• Export to PDF to create real comic book pages
• Control scale, position and rotation of photos
• Paint on photos or your own stickers
• 5 different cell styles
• Image filters for photos
• Freely pan and zoom while you work
• Insert maps

Five Stars


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