Ontario, St. Thomas, Comfort Inn

We stayed at this hotel while at a Jam session. It’s the only hotel in St. Thomas.

We were greeted on our arrival at the entrance by 4 or 5 maids smoking. So you had to walk through the gauntlet of smokers to get to the lobby. It went down hill from there.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.17.24 AM

The room was a smoker room and very dated (old). Virtually everything had a burn mark. The bed spread had burn holes, the carpet, the TV stand,  the bathroom sink ad even the toilet.

Needless to say the room smelled. The air condition was so nosily we had to turn it off and it was 30 degrees outside (that 86 Fahrenheit ).

To add to the heat and smells the laundry room was open to the hallway so all the heat and laundry smells drifted through the hotel.

The free breakfast was OK but the area was way too small and everyone was crowded around tying to get by each other. There was only a few tables so most people when back to their rooms to eat.

One Star

This year we will stay in London Ontario and drive to St.Thomas each day.


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