Cuba, Varadero, Sandals Royal Hicacos Resort

Cuba is like stepping back to the 1950’s.  Most of the cars are from that era.  Very strange to see so many 1950 Chev’s driving around.  There is nothing American here.  It’s very strange to see.

Cuba’s greatest treasure is it’s people.   They are the nieces and friendlyest  people I have ever meet.  It doesn’t matter if your in the hotel or on the street or in a alley, they all are genuine and sincere.

They guys at sidewalk cafe insisted by wife join in (she plays a guitar)

They guys at sidewalk cafe insisted by wife join in (she plays a guitar)

Cuba is different than the other Caribbean countries since it is a communist country but they also enjoy free health care and education.  They are slowly switching to a market society.  This means the hotel staff usually have a better education then you do.  Most can read and write three or four languages. For example the CIA lists infant mortality rates by country.  Cuba has 4.76 (infant deaths per 1000 births) while USA has 5.90 (infant deaths per 1000 births). This is an indication of the strong health care they have.

Crime:  Cuba is very safe.  You never see security guards with billy clubs or gun like on other Caribbean  islands.   In Dominican Republic and Jamaica we could usually spot a guard just off the beach with a shotgun.  In Cuba, I never see any gun or even billy clubs.

Meeting the locals:  Many of my friends, virtually even one I know that went to Cuba, meets locals and becomes friends.  They go off the resort and have dinner with them at there house.  They usually bring streak of something the family many not have access to, but everyone I talked to has done it.

The Hotel: This hotel has lots of steps and the walk ways are all elevated for some reason and usually over a body of water.  So if you have a hard time going up steps this hotel is not for you.  Its the only resort I stayed at the the main buffet is on the second floor.  It gives a great view but again there is more steps. The room was great and always decorated with a towel animal from the maid.  The room is similar to other rooms in the caribbean. Water is safe to use too.

Entrainment: The entertainment is excellent!  They have a new show each night from professional entertainment groups.

Beach:  Long beach for walking, very nice sand.  Some seaweed but cleaned up daily. Usually one or two vendors on the beach but will not bother you.

Food is great but you may find the steak tougher than usual.  Remember in Cuba food is harder to get then other islands.

There is lots of cool lizards if you keep an eye out for them.


Four and a half

Cuba is a must visit place before it completely switches to market economy.


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