Orlando, Disney Beach Club Resort

I booked this hotel because it is attached to the Epcot Park in Disney World.  This is a premium resort which means it cost a lot.  I find that the rooms are very similar in Disney resorts.  The higher cost does not necessarily mean a higher quality room.  It means your closer to the parks.

I have been going to Disney since my kids were small.  They are 32 now, so  we are taking our grandkids. One of my main complains with Disney in general is back 30 years ago it was the land of tomorrow, innovation, new ways of transportation etc.  What we have today?  Buses!  buses! and more buses.  You feel more like your in the big city with all the diesel smoke and pollution.  What happened to the electric people movers and monorails? Even Las Vegas is using monorails to get people around easily but Disney uses an innovation called a city bus.

Buses should be outlawed in Disney.  They can use boats, monorails, electric people movers, trains, at the very least electric buses like they have in Europe.  Anything but city buses.

Anyway this is why I booked us in at Disney Beach Club Resort, so I could avoid the bus routes.

I have several issues with the hotel.

1. There is virtually no advantage staying at this resort.  I didn’t realize at the time but Epcot park does not open till 11AM so you have to go to another park till it opens.  This is the only reason to justify the higher costs but it’s useless if the prk is closed.

2. There is no buffet type breakfast that you have in all the other Disney resort hotels.  The only resterant is the Yachtsman Steakhouse. You can buy a muffin or yogurt at a corner type store or use the Yachtsman Steakhouse that is slow and expensive. Most other resorts you can order a waffle or bacon and eggs and get on your way quickly.

3. The pool is unique with a sand bottom.  When we stayed there was a family of ducks living in the pool.  It was cute but not very healthy .

The have a very nice beach but no swimming.  That is common at most of the resorts.  It must be due to high bacteria in the lakes.

I guess the bottom line is if your going to be forced to take city buses around Disney why not stay outside the park, get the hotel for half the price, get free breakfast and wifi.  If Disney wants people to stay at these hotels they need to make a unique way to travel to the parks and not on a stinky city bus.

three Stars


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