Custom made bed for small bedrooms using iPad Touchdraw software

My grandson has a very small bedroom so we decided to build him a type of bunk bed or captain bed to save space.

I used the Touch Draw software on my iPad to draw the plans and help decide how much wood to get.  This is a great software package.  Easy to use and produces detailed plans quickly without the learning curve or complexidy of other CAD programs.

Side view of plansIMG_0063

Once I was happy with the plans I built the bed in my workshop and dismounted it.  A key part of the bed is the easy assembling and making it fit in the tiny room while making sure it could be assembled without extra space on the ends to work.  IE You can’t work from the end of the bed and all bolts must be screwed in from inside the bed.  The room is 6′ wide and the bed is 6′ wide.


I had lots of help.  My helper sat on the workbench all day.


It’s important to get the new owner to assemble the bed.

Finished product being used for the first time.View of the foot of the bed showing TV

And the finished product.  One cool feature is the footer that slides in and out to make it easy to mount a TV since you can not access the back of the board to access mounting screws.


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