Secrets Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Secrets Dominican Republic is a smaller high end resort for adults.

The main dinning room is on the beach which is unique.  All pathways are covered making it easy to get around in case of rain.  You can visit the sister resort NOW through a pathway.

Food is excellent at the main buffet and you can find anything you want.  Meat is tender and orange juice is freshly squeezed.

Secrets is quieter but this year has much more entertainment than last year.

The grounds are small and the pool is a river that wonders through the grounds making an interesting walk to the lobby.

There is a mini fridge that is free and filled every day with pop, water juice n beer.

Walkways are tight around the pools near the beach making it crowded and there is no other way around.

The main buffet is located on the beach which is nice since that is why you are here.

The beach can gets a lot of the tiny seaweed and even tho  it is raked every morning with a tractor it is back by lunch time.  I think the motor boats stir it up.

Patio decks have a hot tub.

Pool at Secrets Resort Pool at Secrets Resort

Hot tub on deck Main buffet at Secrets Resort


Four and a half


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