Review: Mac Air

Mac AIr

This laptop is the best laptop I ever owned and I owned a lot of computers and laptops.

Update (June 10, 2013):
My review of the new Mac Air can be seen here

First it’s an Apple so it lasts forever. I still have my first Apple laptop, the Mac Book and my daughter is using it with no issues.  My second Apple laptop, The MacPro is being used my my grandson.  And my next Apple laptop a new 15″ fast Mac Pro is being used as a media server now that I have a Mac Air.

When traveling you only need your Mac Air and the power charger.  Nothing else, no mouse or external devices.  When I had a Windows laptop I need to take extra batteries and CD drive etc etc.  The Mac Air  it wakes in an instant.  As soon as you open the top it’s ready to go. No delay.

I bough the Mac Air just for travel due to it’s light weight but once I started to use it I can go back to my Mac Pro.  It’s so light and so fast (due to the SSD hard drive ) .

I have the 13″ with 8gb of memory.  This has the advantage over the 11″ by having a SD card slot and larger battery and the larger screen.

Key features:

  • built from a solid block of aluminum
  • it’s up to 4x faster than a traditional 5400-rpm  hard drive
  • A high-speed thunderbolt port
  • two USB 3 ports
  • 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • up to 7 hours on battery (now 12 hours)
  • the fan never goes on so it’s very quiet
  • the keys light up at night
  • the touch pad works as with all Mac laptops ( I can never get the touch pad to work on a windows laptop)
  • this is so light it hard to believe
  • no virus software (I have never used virus software for 10 years ) *


One of the coolest features of a Mac is the iPhoto with iCloud.  When you take a picture on your iPhone, iPad or iPod the picture is automatically sent to your iCloud.  When your away all your pictures are safe at home.  No need to upload the pictures since they are already there ready for you to print or make a photo book or movie.  When you travel you don’t have to worry if you loose your camera or damage it since your pictures are safe.


OSX uses what is called sand boxing to protect you.  Each application can only run in its sand box.  If you ran a virus it can’t do anything except with it’s self.  Many developers don’t like this since it limits what they can do.  Also you have to approve a new app and enter the master password before it can run.

The battery last all day and charges in just a few minutes back to full.  I don’t have the timings for charging but it is very fast.

A bonus is the Mac app store and Apples policy.  If I buy an app I can load it on all my devices.  When I updated the OS it cost me on $2 per computer.  You can’t beat that!

NOTE: The new Mac Air is due out in June 10th 2013.  

Five Stars


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